I have been spending my week filling my head with good information.  Not about the C-Virus, but about positive, uplifting ideas and thoughts that can not only help me to weather the storm, but to thrive and flourish in it.  I am determined to come out of this thing better than when I went in.

This week my John Maxwell team, John himself and one of his books have all helped me to move forward with this.

Listening to John speak live for several days in a row (this was how I spent my lunch time), it really hit me that my idea is possible.  The word opportunity had already been my close friend in the prior week. To hear him speak about it took my thinking to the next level.

During the live broadcasts, the chat comments were filled by the second with inspirational posts- what others were hearing that impacted them in real time, as well as their thoughts about these things. I had several favorite take aways that I want to share with you.

A crisis will make you do things you wouldn’t do without the crisis. This was so clear. Those things you have been putting off, things you’ve wanted to change. I have seen so many people, both that I know and don’t know stepping up to make big changes and fast! They are doing another two words I love right now: accepting and adapting.

A crisis increases our focus: It is the perfect time to do away with what is not essential and to get back to basics. It is a great time to discern what is even necessary, what is actually meaningful, what should stay and what should go. Some is forced upon us, and the rest is up to us. We get to choose.

Sometimes you are the pigeon and sometimes you are the statue. In a crisis we are all the statue! Nobody likes bad experiences. Again acceptance of the situation as it is allows you to ask the question How will this make me better? The answer is, it won’t unless you are willing to accept that possibility and take the positive life stance that you can make it happen.

I am going to continue to share the positive things I am hearing and learning with you.  Today I want to leave you with the prayer that is not only helping me through this time, but that I have depended upon for several years not to keep me pointed in the right direction.

                                                                The Serenity Prayer

                          God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change,

                                               The courage to change the things I can,

                                               And the wisdom to know the difference.

I am wishing you serenity, acceptance, courage and wisdom in this time of uncertainty. Thank you for reading this blog post.  If you would like to receive my weekly newsletter which contains this blog along with a video, book suggestions and other thoughts, ideas and goings on, please subscribe at my website: Kimberlydubrul.com