Welcome to Day 6!

One of my favorite things about me is that I LOVE fresh starts! Do-evers, new beginnings. I take advantage of them at every turn!

Today is my birthday and this is one of those times I consider the ultimate fresh start! I take the time to think about the past year-

-what went well?

-what did not go so well? (just to acknowledge, but not to dwell)

-what did I learn?

Then I think of the coming year-

–what would I like to be different?

-what would support me to let go of?

-what do I want to take on?

-what do I want to keep doing, thinking and believing?

-what do I want to stop doing, thinking and believing?

-what is the biggest gift I could give myself in the next year, starting now?

I look at the 8 areas of my life and I write a description of what I would like to create in each of those areas in the next year, as if it were already true.

Mental/Intellectual, Spiritual, Business, Financial, Community, Family, Social, and Health.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is give yourself a fresh start. Sometimes you need to do it everyday! It is OKAY to start over. Every day is another chance to do what you set out to do.

Progress not perfection, is the name of the game. As long as you take the learning from what didn’t go well, and then let it go, leave it with yesterday (this means not being down on yourself and expecting you should be more than human), then you are making progress. Progress is the only thing that counts. And even if there were such a thing as perfection- you get to decide what it is!

A very high vibe thing I am focused on at this point in my life is this: cutting myself slack and NOT comparing myself to others. I have been pro at comparing for years and very hard on myself for not being where I thought I SHOULD be in life and comparing it to others- others who have had completely different lives than me. Once I let go of all of that and just decided to be on my own path, stay in my own lane, be in the wonder of what is unfolding for me, everything started to change.

I am not saying I have this down 100%- I work on it every day, but now I notice progress and give myself credit for it- it doesn’t matter if anyone else knows or sees it. I don’t need credit or recognition from anyone else. (though it is nice when it happens- needing it and enjoying and appreciating it are two different things.

Day 6 Journal Questions:

-Where would you like a do-over or fresh start?

-In what ways are you hard on yourself?

-What behaviors, though patterns and habits would you like to let go of because it would increase the level of your personal joy in life?

-Where can you give yourself recognition for the progress you have made in the last year?

Day 6 Challenge:

Set aside 30-60 minutes- whatever you can find in the next 24 hours. Take the areas of life I mention above and write you your descriptions- between now and your own birthday, for a trial run. Pledge to do this exercise in full for the next year of your life on your next birthday- set a reminder in your calendar now.

Know yourself- some people like to write a whole bunch of things and take on a lot. For others, one or two real focuses is plenty. Do not underestimate the power of shifting one thing in your life to affect your whole life.

If you are in the Facebook group- please feel free to share any insights gained from doing this exercise! Enjoy it and your fresh start!!

(post photo from my early morning walk at Shelburne Farms in Vermont with my son Joe Joe- who shares this birthday with me!)